European Association of Model Railroaders and Railroad Friends

logoWho is MOROP?

The products of the different and most known producers of model railway parts and equipment were very different due to development reasons. With the expanding model railway hobby new producers entered the market after 1950 which brought rolling stock, track systems and other accessories onto the market. It soon became obvious that the missing uniformity in scale, track width, current supply, couplings and track and wheel set dimensioning was more and more a disadvantage.

In the meantime, national associations of model railway friends were founded and they created the MOROP (initially called Organization of the Model Railway Friends Europe and later renamed “Organization of Model Railroaders and Railway Friends Europe).

The European umbrella organization MOROP consist today of 19 national organizations with more than 30.000 members in 16 European countries. Like in the EU the longer participating organizations of the founder countries have been augmented by members from Hungary, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia and Czekia. The main task of the Organization is the development and renewal of the Norms of European Model Railway (NEM). The duty of the Technical Commission is to adjust the whole collection of norms continuously to the changing development of the products. The members of MOROP send representatives into the TC.

The annual MOROP Congress takes place each year in August/September in one of the member countries. On top of the meeting of the Technical Commission the general assembly of the members will discuss the further work and policy of the MOROP. Next to the “duty” program, excursions to interesting cultural and railway locations will be offered to the participants, which make the long journey to the meetings worthwhile and offers an interesting variety of hotspots around the locations.

The participation at the Congress is open to everybody. Your don’t have to be a member in an association or organization. The program and the registration form is normally available on the MOROP site at the beginning of the year to download.

Last revision: 31-03-2024